First Smart Contract

April 23, 2022

First smart contract built wth Solidity.

Created, Deployed First Smart Contract

I really wanted to dive into some smart contract development. I am always interested in new technologies.

Web3 and blockchain are exciting new paths and I can't wait to explore this world even more. This was a great initial introduction.

I went for a simple smart contract on the Ropsten test network using a virtual wallet (Metamask), Solidity, Hardhat, and Alchemy.

What is a smart contract?

The basis for dApps(Decentralized Application on the Blockchain) that are built on the blockchain are Smart contracts.

Smart contracts are written in Solidity (for Ethereum) or Cadence (for Flow).

  • Smart contracts are a collection of executable functions and a set of data defining the state, stored in a decentralized manner at a specific address on the blockchain.

  • Smart contracts are typically much less complicated than traditional programs, but the risks are much higher - a single bug is a pathway to millions of dollars drained in merely minutes!

  • A smart contract is a program that defines a set of rules, or defines a "contract" that autonomously executes encoded rules once requested by a user on the blockchain. Once a smart contract is deployed, it will forever function im an immutable manner - it cannot be mutated, modified, manipulated or taken control of by a malicious user.

Traits of Smart Contacts

  • Transparency - Published to the blockchain, can be read and written by anyone who has access to the blockchain.
  • Simplicity - They are much less complex and simpler than most code-bases.
  • Immutability - It (typically) cannot be mutated, modified, or manipulated and is guaranteed to function identically forever! No individual controls the smart contract.

Code Repo


Click the link above to check out the code!

Thank You


Thanks to Web3U for hosting an awesome tutorial to learn from!